July 8, 2022

“Automation is solving the problem once then putting it on autopilot” - Michael Hyatt.

Welcome back, friends! How much did you love our first blog? Next is the second in a series of Get-Optimal blogs called Get the Optimal Effect. Over the next six weeks, we’ll take you through the ‘what?’, the ‘how?’, and the ‘why should I care?’ of working with our leading diversity & inclusion job ad optimisation platform. So grab your snacks, set your notifications on Slack to silent for five mins - and find out why our Automation is a must-have for you.

First, a bit about us. Get-Optimal was founded in 2019 by CEO Dan Fellows, who grew frustrated at the discussions around DE&I amounting to…absolutely nothing. It was time, thought Dan, to get to work. To help businesses reduce bias in their job ads and promote diversity and inclusion, along with a world-class technology team we trained a cutting-edge AI, and a few algorithms later, Get-Optimal was born. We like to think the rest will be history.

Why automate job ads?

Simply put, automation allows our AI to do the hard work for you. Whilst machine learning might feel like the stuff of dystopian sci-fi, these days, automation is everywhere, from booking a taxi to scheduling a massage. You've used automation if you ordered food or drink to your table using your phone during the pandemic. Factor in the prevalence of this technology in our lives, and automating job ads makes perfect sense. No more spending hours combing through dated, plagiarised, archaic job ads written (on average) more than six years ago. No more skimming for spelling, punctuation, and grammar. No more templates, Googling old job ads or trying to remember what you wrote in the ad that had an epic level of response. With automation, it’s as simple as paste, go and download! Additionally, Google jobs won’t even index or display your job on Google jobs if it deems it plagiarised. All the more reason to ensure variation.

How does Get-Optimal address this?

Our AI focuses on removing the negatives from your ad. We’ve trained it to excel in identifying and protecting the nine legally protected characteristics, meaning it’s bias-reduced. We built our technology based on real-time data and information, and it’s constantly learning what yields a click, view or application and applying it to the next ad through the system. This is a vital skill; it can take a highly paid consultant or marketing manager 6-months to train for the accuracy that Optimal’s AI can give you within 100 job ads. If you’re worried about your job ad sounding human, not machine - don’t be - our AI is all about variety. After all, variety is just another digital instruction when you’re using machine learning.

How will working with Get-Optimal help me?

Work with us at Optimal, and your response rate for open positions will soar. Automation will save you the precious time you would have spent combing through old job ads to ensure you’re conveying the correct image in the new world of attracting the right candidates. No longer will your ideal applicant be put off applying due to what’s written in the vacancy or how it’s been structured. What’s more, simply Optimise once and post in multiple places - your new ad is provided in a downloadable, editable form to drop into whichever job board or multi-poster you like! We are also integrated with Bullhorn and Salesforce. We know it works -  because using our formula, Get-Optimal had a 21% increase in female applications in Q4 2021. Numbers don’t lie, right?

Great! Get me started….

When you work with Optimal, you’re a partner, not a vender. Our inclusive approach means you’re always on our minds, and our team is always on hand to help you with any queries that might arise. What’s more, Get-Optimal takes just 15 minutes to set up and is now integrated with Salesforce and Bullhorn to allow ultimate usability, whether you’re a staffing agency or a direct employer.

Ready to join us? Why not book your demo today and get started with Get-Optimal.

Next week - a look at engagement and readability