June 6, 2022

89% of all the Earth's animals live in the sea

The world is waking up. change is coming, whether you like it or not…right here, right now  -  Greta Thunberg

Currently, 89% of all the Earth’s animals live in the sea. June 8th marks World Oceans Day, celebrating the ocean and our connection to the sea. But even though the oceans are large, they are being damaged by how we live our lifestyles - and we’re rapidly burning through our fossil fuels, leading to global warming and climate change.

But why should you care about Climate Change? Or sustainability at all? What does that have to do with job ads anyway? Read on as Get-Optimal takes you through exactly how and why, as businesses, we need to reduce our impact on the oceans and move towards a sustainable workplace - NOW!


Protecting the environment is vital for several reasons. First, it just makes sense - if we operate sustainably, we’ll prolong how long the world lasts and ensure a better future for our descendants. Secondly - it makes business sense - if you can invest in reducing operational costs and improving the satisfaction and health of your employees, you’ll build a committed workforce who are loyal to your brand. 

It’s been proven that Gen Z looks for jobs they are passionate about, with a solid drive to commit to a company that engages with change. Simply offering a salary is not enough - to truly attract those at the forefront of progress, you need to know what you stand for and why, and part of this includes how you feel about sustainability.


It’s easy to imagine sustainability in an environmental context - making sure that you don’t drain our world’s resources, so our environment sticks around for our children. Climate change is real, and the consequences of it are obvious - you just need to look at the facts

But sustainability in the workplace covers more than just environmental factors. With the number of job vacancies rising post-pandemic, offering better employee benefits and working environments also falls inside the sustainability bracket, and higher employee satisfaction will lead to higher employee retention and lower hiring environmental impact. This more passionate and committed workforce will also produce better output for your customers, so everyone wins.

Interestingly there’s also some evidence that if you lead by example, your employees will follow suit - just take a look at how these top companies helped inspire their staff.


The good news is that you can begin your sustainability journey today. Take a look around your workplace - can you commit to going paperless or translate your whiteboard across to Jira or Trello? Not only does a paperless office help the environment, but it has the added benefit of open access - employees working from home can check in wherever they are. Why not take this further and work towards eliminating single-use items by committing to recycling, or at least opening up the conversation? Less waste means fewer resources are spent on waste processing, again prolonging the life of the earth and all of us who live on it.

Socially, there are many benefits you can extend to your staff. None, however, can be more important than an inclusive attitude to wellbeing. Support for workplace stress and mental health is a no-brainer - but to be genuinely supportive, consider how you can reduce workplace pressure and encourage an open dialogue about how your staff really are. Many businesses train up mental health first aiders and provide free subscriptions to self-care apps such as Headspace or Calm. Happy team = happy output = less strain on the environment!

To conclude, it should be obvious that sustainability touches all areas of your business’ day-to-day, along with its broader implications for society. At Optimal, we encourage you to read further - we have but scratched the surface of how sustainability can work for you. Why not make a small change today and slowly move your workforce into a space that includes top-tier sustainability values and a true passion for the world around us?

Want to make sure your job ads attract those committed to making a difference whilst freeing up precious time to think about how you can make your workplace sustainable? 

Then collaborate with us at Optimal today. 

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