December 9, 2021

The great disruption of 2020-21 (yes, it’s been two, long years) has led millions of people around the world to rethink how they work and live leading to what has been dubbed ‘the great resignation’ –  when workers quit their jobs to find more fulfilment.

The Great Resignation has led to what we’re recasting as “The Great Resignation” with recruiters and employers scrambling to snap up staff. It’s a candidate’s world right now so if you want to recruit the best talent, your HR and TA folk will need to sharpen their game.

Attracting great talent begins with your Job Ad – remember, a Job Ad is often the first contact your company will have with a potential employee. It's therefore essential that your Job Ads generate interest in the vacancy and your organisation and are optimised for both DE&I and SEO.

Use the great recruitment as an opportunity to improve your recruitment strategy both now and in the future.

Wondering how to maximise the employment potential of the great recruitment? Here are our top tips:

Choose your words carefully
Be clear that your organisation is an inclusive and collaborative one through the language you use in your Job Ad (think gender-neutral terms and words that show you welcome applications from people with disabilities or impairments and are a flexible employer who is open to remote working, flexible hours, hybrid work, etc.

Optimise your Job Ads
If you want your Job Ad to appear and get increased visibility in search engine results, it needs to be keyword rich. Be sure to integrate words or phrases commonly used by job seekers in your industry into the job title and description for best SEO practice. A Job Ad is 90 percent science, 10 percent human intervention

Be realistic
Create reasonable candidate specifications –  Job Ads featuring an endless, exhaustive list of requirements put candidates, especially female applicants, off even applying. (On average, men tend to apply for a job when they meet 60 percent of the requirements, whereas women only apply for a job if they meet 100 percent of the requirements). Ask current employees for input if necessary.

State the salary
If an applicant knows what the pay is from the outset, it saves everyone valuable time and energy.  Pay is a key factor in whether a candidate takes a job – or even applies in the first place. A Glassdoor study showed that salary (67 percent) is the top factor job seekers look for in Ads while a LinkedIn survey revealed that the overwhelming majority of respondents (61 percent) said compensation was the most important part of the Job Ad.

Ask for help
If your recruitment team can’t write an optimised, bias reduced Job Ad, ask someone – ideally Get-Optimal – who can. We’re recruitment content marketing specialists and we’re here to help! Working and collaborating with Get-Optimal is about taking control, not giving up control. Make the change, and make the change today.

Be gracious
Never ghost. Instead acknowledge and thank all candidates for applying. This ensures not only that your company’s reputation remains intact (f you treat candidates poorly, there’s a good chance they will tell their network),but can help you retain the applicants as future candidates and clients.  Ex-lover's might get away with ghosting, but employers and recruiters will live to regret it.