February 20, 2023

Since the dawn of time, the recruitment industry has lived in a multi-verse. Due to an endemic of companies working with multiple recruiters, a culture has arisen where 15+ recruiters are given the same applicant brief by companies they are recruiting for and let loose to find that needle in a haystack. With little guidance to build job ad copy, no access to data or science, these recruiters go online, search for similar roles and combine the result with said brief to conjure a Frankenstein ad, half plagiarised - half brief - zero originality.

Did you know the average Job Ad is six and a half years old? 

Whilst this might be the first time you’re hearing of this phenomenon, it’s prevalent, and most recruiters mirror this behaviour. So, why’s that even a problem? This week's blog tackles this subject and takes us through the ‘what is’, ‘why it’s bad news’ and how we fight it with Optimal’s solution.

So…what is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is a widespread problem in the professional and academic world. Loosely defined, it’s passing off another person’s work as our own. Whilst plagiarism can be hard to identify in music or art - as no art exists without inspiration - plagiarism in the recruitment sector is rife across job ads, CVs and interview responses.

For his blog, we focus on plagiarism in job ads, as described in our introduction. Plagiarised job ads are technically subject to copyright laws, but enforcing this copyright is costly and laborious - a waste of everybody’s time!

Why is that so bad for my job ad?

Several concerns arise if you use a plagiarised job ad. The first and most deadly is that the same style of plagiarism often results in the same type of modifications being copied. From this, it is a minor pathway of clicks for the competition to identify who’s being recruited for. Once that’s identified - there’s nothing to stop other recruitment agents calling the hiring managers directly at the company you’re recruiting for with a better deal, candidate, or opportunity. This can lead to business being poached by rival recruiters and losing business.

Secondly, good SEO is important for job ads. Did you know that search engines scan every job ad posted for keywords, which allows them to index your content and rank its position in their returned search results? Unsurprisingly, it places plagiarised job ads lower - and pretty soon, your humble job ad will be in a race to the bottom of the pile. No search engine for Jobs or Job Board wants spam or duplicate content.

How can Optimal’s solution help?

It’s a fact of life that, at the end of the day, the driving force behind recruitment ads is human. Some human factors drive the decision to plagiarise and the aforementioned culture of plagiarism. The reasons for this unethical practice can be simple: laziness, neurodivergence (such as dyslexia), inexperience or simply time constraints and/or reaching targets.

At Optimal, we recognise this problem and the stark truth that factors such as the cultural acceptance of plagiarism in the recruitment world and human contributors (I.e. “it’s just how it’s done”) cannot be changed overnight. 

But there are some things that our technology for optimising diversity, inclusion and SEO using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can change.

Simply upload the brief you received initially to our platform, and providing it’s over 200 words, we’ll optimise it in real time. You’ll get a different job ad every time, even if you submit the same brief twice. Moreover, no more time spent searching, copying, pasting and editing - the Optimal Solution does it for you.

Use our AI for SEO, and your adverts will reach potential applicants before your competitors, as we’re constantly refining and retraining our AI. Our global recognised solution is updates all spelling, punctuation and grammar, ensuring a simple and easy-to-read job ad that sits at a digestible length. Did you know that the average Job Ad has eight erors in it?

Conclusion? - Your applicants will click on your unique vacancy first, apply first, and place quicker. What’s not to love?

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