November 8, 2022

Welcome back. This week, we dive back into our series uncovering the minds of the advisors, and the people who make Optimal tick.

So far in our series we’ve explored The Great Return by Joe Slavin, How Optimal’s AI frees up time for the best bits of the job by Gary Elden, Torin Ellis on the DEIB journey employees want, Dave Rees on how Optimal’s solution Destroys Dyslexia, hallucinatory musings on HR Tech Vegas by William Tincup and how Ashlie Collins helps us with RQ.

As we move into our seventh thought piece, we’re handing the reigns over to Janine Owen who explores the big question - why even bother to Optimise job ads?

Here’s Janine!

Why even Optimise job ads?

Janine Owen

Being an early adopter at Get-Optimal, the main question was ‘Why Optimise job ads anyway?”

The problem

Prior to the Optimal solution, there was a lack of focus on job ads - nothing had changed for years. Recruiting and attracting top talent was never prioritised, meaning ads were thrown together with no thought at the last minute. Ads were regularly posted with generic language - “We seek someone who’s motivated, driven and committed and loves working with people’ - SNORE. What is that ad saying about the team? How does this ad make the job seeker impassioned to apply, stoke that fire in them when they realise this job is for them? If your answer was, “it doesn’t” then you are correct. Phrases like this tell no one anything, ever - and don’t encourage passion in anyone. What’s more, after reading the same cliched sentence a thousand times, it might even put off what could be the next big thing in your business. Who’s going to put their passion into a boring position? If this is the best a company can do, it’s understandable why phrases like this have been met with apathy, and low job submissions.

On the flipside, you find ads with inaccessible jargon, eliminating those who might have relevant experience in wider fields with software names, language or system titles. Or jobs that say nothing more than the jobseeker already knows - ‘receptionist’ roles that need ‘someone to answer the phones and greet visitors’ - wow really?! What a mess! 

So what?

It is time for a change. Let’s set aside for a moment the HUGE topic of DE&I and writing inclusive job ads that appeal to all. 

Let’s just think firstly about the point of a job ad. Why does it even exist? 

You need to showcase the role, show its personality and the personality of the business and, sometimes, the hiring manager. Show it off. Without unfurling the skill and the knowledge you possess of the role, it’ll never inspire. What’s more, you need to demonstrate the scale of the role - make sure you communicate the primary challenges you need your applicant to overcome whilst in their position. All jobs exist to meet demand - if you express that demand up front - you’ll bring in the best kind of person. After all, no one is going to apply for a job they don’t think they can do. 

Expressing the purpose of the business will give the potential applicant something different. Presenting someone with a full breakdown of what they’ll be doing, and you’ll find many of the related skills cross over with other positions. 

Ultimately, you optimise job ads to give someone a reason to apply. This comes down to the question, why would I want to apply? People respond to direct, unique, calls to action.

So why optimise job ads? Because Optimal’s solution pulls out all these points using AI. It’s simple, fast, and a sales piece like no other. An unoptimised job ad might see 35 applications. Apply the solution and get 350. Numbers don’t lie!

Janine Owen

Operations Director, The Talent Cloud

About Get-Optimal

Work with us at Optimal, and your response rate for open positions will soar by a minimum of 24%. Let our AI choose the most readable parts of your job ads to display, and you’ll save the precious time you would have spent combing through old or plagiarised job ads to ensure you’re conveying the correct image in the new world of attracting suitable and diverse candidates. No longer will applicants be put off by the vacancy or how it’s been advertised. Optimise once and post in multiple places - your new ad is provided in a downloadable, editable form to drop into whichever job board or multi-poster you like!

We are also integrated with Bullhorn and Salesforce. We ensure your ad is Diversity & Inclusion compliant, meaning you’ll be the top choice commercially and win business over other, less enlightened competitors.

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