November 30, 2022

If you’re at all like us, you’ve been waiting for the next exciting instalment of our ‘The Get-Optimal View’ series since the moment we began. Over the past eight weeks, we’ve been bringing the minds of the advisors and the people who make Optimal tick. But all good things must come to an end, and next week we’ll be bringing our engaging series to a close. We’re sad as well!

If you missed any blogs, here you go! Blogs so far: The Great Return by Joe Slavin, How Optimal’s AI frees up time for the best bits of the job by Gary Elden, Torin Ellis on the DEIB journey employees want, Dave Rees on how Optimal’s solution Destroys Dyslexia, hallucinatory musings on HR Tech Vegas by William Tincup, how Ashlie Collins helps us with RQ, Janine Owen asking the big question - why should I even care about Diversity? and Pete Healey on social mobility.

But if you’re thinking, I can’t read that many - don’t panic! We’ve got you covered. We thought we’d summarise the messages so far ahead of our final contribution next week. Here goes!

Blog 1 - Joe Slavin - The Great Return

Joe kicked off our series with a forensic look at The Great Return, that is, workers' movement back into work post the pandemic’s impressive increase in job vacancies. He looked at clients over 50, highlighting the benefits of hiring from within this group. Optimal’s solution ensures the correct optimised language goes into your Job ads, so this under-realised group has a shot at your open position.

Blog 2 - Gary Elden OBE - Building Human Relationships

Gary took a step towards a more classic diversity, highlighting the one thing Optimal’s AI CAN’T do: human connection. This is, for Gary - the best part of the job. Why not automate the worst bits, leaving space to embrace what every recruiter loves!? With our solution, you’ll get back a whole day each week.

Blog 3 - Torin Ellis - DEIB Journey

Half of the podcast duo Crazy and the King, diversity strategist and published author Torin Ellis was with us next, taking us through what the REAL DEIB journey applicants want looks like. DEIB, for Torin, involves building trust. Focusing your applicants as people, not numbers - will be the makings of an agile, focused, dedicated team. This starts, of course, with ads. As he says, “The ROI of DE&IB is greater humanity”.

Blog 4 - David Rees - Optimal’s Solution Destroys Dyslexia

Dave Rees then took us through his daughter’s bravery in her battles with dyslexia. Discovering his dyslexia through her diagnosis, he shared how Optimal’s solution inspired him to come on board as an advisor, as our no-brainer AI solution removes 95% of the struggles he experienced across his many years in recruiting.

Blog 5 - William Tincup - Expo Hall, HR tech

Willian Tincup’s gonzo-style hallucinatory romp took us through the halls of HR tech in Bat Country….uh…we mean Las Vegas. A f**k-filled stream of consciousness free indirect discourse (Sorry William, we had to sensor you), his contribution debated AI, buzzword bingo, and business people.

Blog 6 - Ashlie Collins - Relational Intelligence (RQ)

After William, The effervescent and dedicated Ashlie Collins took us through Relational Intelligence and how she helped us champion it here at Optimal. RQ asks us to take a holistic approach inside Optimal and helps us adjust our approach to making all human interactions more effective. After all, we need to be sure we practice what we preach!

Blog 7 - Janine Owen - Why Even Optimise Job Ads?

Then, Janine Owen took on the big question. Why even Optimise job ads? Our ‘elephant in the room’ - this question is the one we encounter the most when attempting to recruit more authentic and intentional companies for the Optimal mission. Why optimise? Because Optimal’s solution pulls out all the important points using AI. It’s simple, fast, and a sales piece like no other. An unoptimised job ad might see 35 applications. Apply the solution and get 350. Numbers don’t lie!

Blog 8 - Pete Healey - Social Mobility

Last, but absolutely not least, a stunning blog from Pete Healey illuminated the importance of social mobility, and how it intersects with job ads. With Optimal’s solution, your job uses a wide number of searchable keywords, terms and words appealing to a wider range of applicants from all walks of life.

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