February 24, 2023

To begin, as a client, have you ever read the contents of your job ad that your Staffing Agency is publishing?

Here at Get-Optimal, we believe diversity hiring is the key to unlocking a dynamic, flexible, well-rounded team that meets and exceeds targets and functions and is the key to a harmonious work environment. Bringing together staff from diverse backgrounds might feel like a challenge, as it’s human nature to stick to what you know, but there are mountains of evidence that diverse teams are more productive and function better. Hearing that, it just makes sense, right?

Great, nice to have you with us. We know the first thing you’ll be thinking - who’s responsibility is it to bring in a diverse level of talent? Our Staffing Agency? The Job Ad? The intern that sorts the applications? The receptionist? The hiring manager? 

The truth is all and none. In today’s blog, we delve into the question of sourcing your diverse candidates and ask, ‘Are you doing what you can to bring in diverse candidates’? We’ll also explore how the Optimal solution brings in diversity to provide you with an ad that always appeals to everyone!

Your humble job ad is the most essential piece of content your business controls.

As a client, have you ever read the contents of your job ad that your Staffing Agency is publishing? If you do, you might find it’s based on an old template, languishing in the past - subject to copy and paste, edits and errors. Our data at Get Optimal suggests that the average Job Ad is 6.5 years old and contains, on average, seven grammar, spelling and punctuation errors. 

This Job Ad is the first thing your potential new staff superstar will see; therefore, you must create an excellent first impression. Grammar and spelling errors reflect poorly on your brand and could even stop the right one from applying. Why would you trust your precious brand image and reputation to recruiters who aren’t qualified job ad specialists? No wonder you’ll end up with a sub-par ad - what other choices do these untrained folks have than to copy the competitors and plagiarise competitor's Job Ads (which they have no idea if they work….they don’t, BTW).

Spelling it out, it doesn’t make any sense.

What’s more - we need to look at your company's actions. Why change your logo for LGBTQ+ or black history awareness month, and continue to farm out your Job Ads to consultants or staff members without diversity training or awareness? Wouldn’t it make sense for this all to be handled by a software technology company that are the experts in Job Ad optimisation, full of diversity awareness, along with content, engagement, brand health, SEO and automation skills?

All eyes on Optimal

With the Optimal software solution, you’ll never have to worry about these questions. Simply drop in your current Job Ad, Job Description or internal brief, and you’ll have fully optimised and DE&I-compliant content that’s fully optimised by our cutting-edge AI back as quickly as it takes to make a cup of tea.

But our core AI product does so much more than that. It optimises your job ads for diversity, equity, and inclusion and maximises your job ads for online performance across the below touchpoints:

  • Content 

                    -Communicate your message, requirements and desired personality type. Ensure your ad's content educates your candidates and influences them to apply.

  • DE&I compliance 

                    - Use inclusive language, acknowledging diversity. Convey respect for all people, and promote equitable opportunities. Reduce bias across all protected characteristics and demonstrate authenticity.

  • SEO

                    - Better SEO will mean a higher ranking in search results. A higher ranking in search results means your ad will be clicked on before the competition. That makes sense, right?

  • Engagement and Readability

                    - Build a better relationship with your candidates and your employer brand. Foster a clear understanding of your vacancy to be sure you hire the most suitable candidate.

  • Reputation

                    - Protect your professional identity, and be sure all your ads are free of spelling and grammar errors.

  • Automation

                    - Speed up the job ad process and get back time to focus on the best bits of your role.

Why do customers buy Optimal?

With the Optimal solution, you’ll see a 26% increase in job seekers applying to your ads after they view them. This will lead to way more candidate choices! There’ll also be a 23% increase in female and non-binary candidates, a massive win for DE&I compliance. What’s more, you’ll save 8.6 hours per week per consultant, giving you back time to do what you love the most about your role, whatever it is!

Ready to join forces? Why not book your demo today and get started with Get-Optimal?