October 31, 2022

At get Optimal, we’re change makers. We believe in a diverse and inclusive world, one where everyone that CAN do the job is considered, irrespective their path in life so far. But we’re aware that our expectations are sky-high. That diversity might seem like a buzzword, banded about by young start-ups without definition. Sometimes, we know you just want to get down to the practicalities. Time and money.

Thing is, we’re optimistic realists.

One of the most common responses we get when showcasing our Saas is - ‘What if diversity is not our focus right now?’

For this week’s blog, we answer that question - highlighting just how and why our product offers a 360 solution to all of the problems identified with job ads. Why focus on one area of improvement when there’s a simple and easy way to focus on them all!

  • Did you know that £30,000 a year is lost by not hiring the right people?

That’s from start to finish, beginning with talent attraction and ending with the loss of staff or failure to complete probation. It’s clear from this figure that finding the correct person for yor role, first time, is essential. At Optimal began with a singular vision - to solve the problems that have arisen from a changing job landscape, and static procedures around job ads. Hire the right people using our solution, and watch your retention sour.

  • Good content can make or break the success of placing new employees in a business.

In short, trash in equals trash out. Why spend time working on a new website, or system for your company to try and route out the problems when you’ve not employed the right people? If you don’t change your input, then your output won’t change. Where do you start with this? Optimal. Outside of diversity, Optimal’s solution covers Content, Readability and EVP - all of which are essential to turning any systems that belong in the bin into gold that attracts the best of the talent. We’re not just for equal rights! 

  • The average user saves 8.6hrs a week

That’s almost a whole day per week free. Think of the potential. More time to meet candidates, more time to place candidates, more time to view applications and see if they measure up to exactly what you’re looking for. Or even, more time to focus on that original goal. In the new world of attracting suitable and diverse candidates, Optimal’s AI chooses the most readable parts of your job ads to display, and returns your optimised ad within ten minutes. No longer will applicants be put off by the vacancy or how it’s been advertised. Optimise once and post in multiple places - your new ad is provided in a downloadable, editable form to drop in to whichever job board or multi-poster you like!

Still not sure? Here’s what our customers are saying:

“Get-Optimal have put us in a position to deliver more value to a client base that are increasingly focused on D&I recruitment best practices. The onboarding process was smooth and we were up and running on the platform within hours. The user experience is straightforward which is highly beneficial in terms of driving internal adoption. We’ve been impressed with turnaround time and quality of ads and the focus on measurable value - whether that’s increased applications or efficiency savings through time. As a business they’ve been highly transparent in terms of the commercials through to the product roadmap, proving themselves to be a valuable partner.”  

  • David Struth, Marketing Director, Stott & May

In short, outside of DE&I - Optimal saves you time, and money, and gives back by ensuring the right number and type of people see your job vacancy FIRST. Even if it’s not yet time to champion diversity, we’ve still got you covered. Our customers that already paid for the product can’t be wrong, right?

We are also integrated with Bullhorn and Salesforce.

Ready to join forces? Why not book your demo today and get started with Get-Optimal?