Help and How-to guide videos

How to use the Get-Optimal create function

This is a short video to help you upload your Job Ads for DE&I and SEO using the simple and fast Get-Optimal CREATE function.

Logging in for the first time on Get-Optimal in 2022?

Watch this short onboarding video to guide you through the first time you login into your Get-Optimal workstation.

How do I contact Help & Support?

If you ever need to contact our awesome customer support team please reach out to Stella 24/7 and we'll be delighted to hear from you.

How much time will working with Get Optimal really save you and your business?

Today we’re going to dive into how working with Get-Optimal will save you valuable time if you’re a business owner or save your team's time creating essential efficiencies in your hiring processes.

How to reset your password on Optimal

Should you be locked out of Optimal please watch this short video to get you back into your Job Advert optimisation platform.

The Optimal must view Top 10 Job Ad Optimisation tips and insights

Welcome to Optimal - Top 10 tips for creating and optimising Job Ads - Job Ads are 90% Science, 10% Art.