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Why we built Get-Optimal, and how we seek to improve everyday.

"Get-Optimal will be the go-to SaaS platform for any organisation that wants to tackle not only bias but also SEO and structural issues in their Job Ads. Put simply, writing a job ad is actually incredibly challenging – I don’t know any company that couldn’t do with a little help. If you want to have a highly-optimised and bias-reduced Job Ad that will attract top diverse talent, you’ll be reaching out to Get-Optimal. It will become the norm.”
Gary Elden, OBE
Non-Executive Chairperson, Get-Optimal

Your ethnicity doesn't determine whether or not you can be an ally for DE&I. It's your actions on which you should be judged, not your words.

Our CEO and founder, Daniel Fellows, grew tired of hearing the recruitment industry and media platforms talk about the issues around DE&I but regress and stagnate when it came to taking action.

Get-Optimal was born – in a bid to help businesses reach more qualified candidates faster and more cost efficiently and reduce biases from their Job Ads and promote diversity and inclusion for candidates from all backgrounds and walks of life.

Since our inception in 2020, we have become the go-to global platform for any organisation that wants to reach more qualified candidates, tackle bias, SEO, and structural issues in its Job Ads. The fact of the matter is that writing a high-performing Job Ad is more complex than you think, and there are very few, if any, companies that couldn’t do with some help.

If you want to have a highly-optimised, searchable and bias-reduced Job Ads that will attract a diverse talent pool and help grow your business, you need to be booking a demo with Get-Optimal today.

 Meet your team

We are an eclectic and representative global team and advisory board that mix deep technology and recruitment expertise, with 30+ years of business experience and an authentic and burning passion for making a real difference in people's lives.
Ashlie Collins
Ashlie’s 15 years of experience for industry leaders (Monster, Indeed) and HR Tech startups (Mobolt, Joveo) alike – in the US and Europe – have given her a clear vision for the ongoing evolution of HR Technology. Ashlie is also a Director at Forage, the education technology platform addressing the social capital and opportunity access gaps for emerging talent globally.
Daniel Fellows
Daniel is the founder and CEO of Optimal – and probably the most excited individual on the planet when it comes to the humble and heavily neglected Job Ad. From his time as Director of Marketing at and now with Optimal, Daniel knows a great deal about the global problem his business is solving.
Dave Rees
Dave joined SThree Plc ( the global staffing company) in 1998 and spent 22 years helping to grow it to a £Billion+ revenue organisation. In 2017 he was made Chief Sales Officer responsible for 2500 sales staff based in the USA, Europe and AsiaPac, and all revenues for the organisation. Since finishing at SThree, Dave has invested in a wide range of companies in the Work Tech space.
Gary Elden OBE
Gary is Non-Exec Chairperson of Optimal. Previously CEO of Sthree PLC, a specialist recruitment company, turned over £1.2b and employed c3,000 staff worldwide. Over 29 years, Gary performed in numerous roles starting as Recruitment Consultant, Founder and Managing Director of Huxley, Chief Strategy Officer of the Group and the last six years as CEO.
Janine Owen
Janine Owen is a marketing and sales director who excels in devising and implementing creative and commercial marketing strategies. With a background of 20 years in the recruitment industry, she has worked with a broad range of clients. Janine is expert at the best routes to market to attract talent as well as ways to select, develop, engage and retain that talent in your organisation.
Joseph Slavin
Joe performs a variety of Chair, Advisory and NED roles for a range of recruitment industry clients looking to thrive in a crowded market. He provides strategic advice based on 25+ years of industry experience, in order to exponentially grow his client’s business over the medium and long term.
Kalpesh Baxi
Kalpesh brings 24 years of staffing industry experience with a passion for staffing solutions, HRTech and data. He is a busy man and has a portfolio of current roles, including; Group COO of Selligence, incorporating, NED of Talent Crunch, NED of The Intrapreneurs Club and Board Advisor. Kalpesh is an Angel Investor with a focus on #HRTech and Talent Solutions.
Torin Ellis
Torin is from Baltimore, Maryland, United States and he is the Principal at Torin Ellis. We’re humbled to have him on our team. He's a strategic practitioner that partners with company leadership to identify inhibitors that stall consistent achievement of the diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) objectives achieved through recruitment.
William Tincup
We’re thrilled to have William Tincup, SPHR / SHRM-SCP on board as our Board Advisor. In Williams own words: “William is the President of RecruitingDaily. At the intersection of HR and technology, he’s a writer, speaker, advisor, consultant, investor, storyteller & teacher." William serves on the Board of Advisors / Board of Directors for 20 HR technology startups.

Artificial Intelligence in recruitment

Get-Optimal optimises Job Ads using Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. Our technology team and data scientists interrogate millions of Job, application and hiring data points to understand how candidates search online.

Unlike open source tools like Chat GPT which is a replicator tool that uses billions of generalised unverified and bias data points the GO technology team has built our propriety AI from the second school of scientific AI which is effectively learning through examples, millions of Job Ad data points.

We use a combination of big public and private data sets to train our different algorithms which enables the constant refining and updating of our proprietary and industry first formula. Once applied to your Job Ads it results in an average increase of 20% qualified response rate.


Automate and optimise your Job Ads for inclusion and SEO.
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