October 24, 2021
Daniel Fellows

Tech giant sends a message to the recruitment industry: Do better or we won’t show your Job Adverts. You may potentially lose all of your organic traffic. What would that cost your business to replace?

American multinational technology company, Google, has rocked the recruitment world. The company, which first launched its Google for Jobs initiative in the US back in summer 2017, has announced new editorial guidelines for job postings that will come into effect from October 1, 2021.

Google’s job search engine feature employs machine learning-trained algorithms to sort and organise job listings from a range of employment sites – including LinkedIn, Monster, and Glassdoor – meaning that anyone looking for a job can just ‘Google It’ and have AI technology on their side.

Sounds simple right? But in reality, it’s been anything but. The problem? Poor Job Ads that aren’t properly optimised and are either too short/lengthy, missing key details such as the job title, location, responsibilities, and requirements, full of bias, and plagued with spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors.

Fast forward to July 2021, and the tech giant has declared ‘enough is enough' and announced “a new structured data property and new editorial content policy.” The aim? “To provide job seekers with authentic, fresh, and trustworthy content when they come to Google Search.” What percentage of traffic comes from Google to your site currently?

The instructions “include guidance around obstructive text and images, excessive and distractive ads, or content that doesn’t add any value to the job posting,” said Google, adding that Job Ads “should also follow basic grammar rules, such as proper capitalisation.”

Of course, none of this comes as any surprise to us here at Get-Optimal HQ. Since our inception, we’ve been communicating to companies and organisations who complain about the volume/quality of responses to their Job Ads that the problem doesn’t lie with the candidates but with the Job Ads themselves. Consequently, it’s music to our ears to hear that the world’s largest search engine has decided to put an end to appalling Job Ads.

All of this means that Talent Acquisition (TA) folk and HR leaders can no longer shy away from addressing the most critical part of the talent attraction process, their Job Ads.

But put the panic on hold: If you’re struggling to write unbiased and compelling Job Ads that are fully optimised to rank highly on job site search engines such as Google for Jobs, Get-Optimal can help.

We specialise in optimising effective, unbiased, and inclusive Job Ads to ensure that not only are the right people finding the suitable adverts – but that a diverse pool of candidates will be encouraged to apply for the role by the way the vacancy and the organisation are being marketed.

Reach out to us today to improve the content and SEO value of your Job Ads in as little as an hour.

Working and collaborating with Get-Optimal is about taking control, not giving up control. Make the change, and make the change today.

Daniel Fellows