January 28, 2022

The past couple of years have forever changed the way we view and approach work, but one thing remains true: businesses that want to attract and retain top talent need to understand their future workforce's priorities

Employed adults in the UK consider flexible working and a great team of colleagues just as important as a high salary when looking for a new job.

A study of 2,000 UK adults has revealed understanding bosses and good sick pay are also major factors when applying for new roles.

Figures show half of employed people consider flexible working as their most important work perk when it comes to deciding which employer to work for.

A high salary and a great team of colleagues (both 44 percent) were the other top factors as was having an understanding boss and good sick pay.

An annual bonus was also near the top of the pile when it came to choosing a new role, with almost one in three looking for extra cash to supplement their wages.

Other priorities included a trendy office was a factor, a fully-stocked on-site kitchen, company cars, and electric charging ports.

Cas Paton, CEO at online marketplace OnBuy, who carried out the research told Get-Optimal: “As the research suggests, consumers quite rightly care about how companies treat their employees, and we believe that listening to what people actually want from their jobs is pivotal to creating a happy workforce [...].

“We also believe in making people feel appreciated rather than a cog in the machine. For example, giving staff equity in a business is a fantastic way to reward hard work and share success. When a business succeeds, everyone should succeed.

“For many, while the amount you earn is obviously important, there are other elements which play a huge factor in our general satisfaction.

"Flexible working has become a big part of our daily lives since the start of the pandemic, and it looks like that's here to stay."


Flexible working hours
A high salary
A great team of colleagues
Understanding and friendly bosses
Good sick pay
Having everything you need to get the job done
An annual bonus
It being somewhere you feel proud to work
Working somewhere you are confident you can ring in an emergency and get time off
The ability to work from anywhere you want
Amount of time off to exceed the legal minimum
Visible opportunities for promotion and to rise through the ranks
A four-day working week
A staff discount
Private healthcare
A good HR department
An extensive training scheme
Staff equity
A workplace that is very diverse
A workplace that is very green and eco-friendly
Shutting down early on Friday afternoons
Unlimited annual leave
Six months or more of paid maternity/paternity leave
Your birthday off from work
A coffee machine in the office
Your own office
The opportunity to travel
A company car
Colleagues who love to socialise
Gym membership


*Image courtesy of Unsplash