February 6, 2023

There was one question we begrudgingly asked ourselves as the final ashes of the pandemic settled…do we have to return to the office? During the two years of COVID lockdown, the working landscape changed virtually overnight, with guest rooms converted into offices, dining tables set up as workbenches, and co-workers becoming partners or housemates, and our concept of ways of working changed irrevocably.

As the world moves forward, a new precedent has been set for majority hybrid or remote working. Whilst many social and/or economic reasons (such as the cost of living or simply having enough space to work) may shape an employee's wish to frequent the office, this decision is often shaped by generational values.

So how do you keep your Boomers, Millennials, Gen X and Generation Zs all happy at once? The secret is there’s no one size fits all solution - to keep everyone happy, you must be prepared to offer a diverse and inclusive attitude to where, when and how your staff can work. 

Show this off in your job ads, and you’ll be sure not to alienate anyone. Moreover, you’ll attract applications from all across this target group, ensuring you don’t miss out on top team members just because they can’t make it into an office.

The problem

The source of this difference in overall preference is one of technological progression. 

The drive behind Boomer's lust to return to the office is that they entered the workplace before the advent of today’s technological landscape. Face-to-face communication was only possible face to physical face, and Boomers built their ways of working around this. Millennials, by contrast, grew up on the internet. They’re used to screen-based messaging and societal hyper-connectivity, where we can immediately connect to build their working methods. 

Whist Boomers and Millennials make up 93% of the workforce; we must remember Generation Z - the children of these Millennials, who have slowly begun to filter into the workforce. Give any community a way to connect instantly, and it will discuss its shared aspirations - so it should be no surprise that their children are heavily ethics based - building their work ethic around fair treatment of labour.

How does Optimal address this?

Use Optimal’s solution, and you can be sure your result will be optimised for diversity, inclusion and SEO across all protected characteristics. Our web app or Bullhorn integration asks you to provide just how your working landscape unfolds (i.e. Remote/hybrid/full-time). It seamlessly folds this into the generated final ad text twice, so your final ad text is upfront, clear, and will attract applicants from all generations. What’s more, it serves as a shining commitment to inclusion and promotes the company behind the ad as approachable, open and ethical. No one loses!

It’s time to move on from your old, catch-all approaches from ancient job ad templates and step into a world where you’re flooded with applications from a wide range of generations.

Why should I work with Optimal?

Work with us at Optimal, and your response rate for open positions will soar by a minimum of 24%. Let our AI choose the most readable parts of your job ads to display. You’ll save the precious time you would have spent combing through old or plagiarised job ads to ensure you’re conveying the correct image in the new world of attracting suitable and diverse candidates. No longer will applicants be put off by the vacancy or how it’s been advertised. Optimise once and post in multiple places - your new ad is provided in a downloadable, editable form to drop in to whichever job board or multi-poster you like!

We are also integrated with Bullhorn and Salesforce. We ensure your ad is Diversity & Inclusion compliant, meaning you’ll be the top choice commercially and win business over other, less enlightened competitors.

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