October 25, 2021

Want to grow your business? Get on board

For any company, big or small, local or national attracting qualified applicants can be a challenge in today’s competitive market.

Sometimes, the issue is location. Occasionally it is because the business isn’t well-known or has a reputation for being a toxic place to work. Right now it could be due to a skills shortage, post-Brexit, or because employees are hesitant to switch jobs in the midst of a global pandemic.

However most of the time the true reason that businesses struggle to attract top-tier talent lies in their Job Ads. Did you know the average Job Description is six and a half years old?

If you’re receiving and paying for far too many low-quality responses to your Job Ads and/or are tired of wading through seas of candidates who simply aren’t right for the role, this is the time to look at your Job Ads.

Job Ads are the first important point of contact between your company and potential candidates. Their decision on whether or not to apply to your organisation essentially boils down to the content and quality of your Job Ad – which needs to be perfectly crafted and fully optimised in order to ensure a successful response.

Despite this recruiters, Talent Acquisition (TA)  folk and HR leaders alike seem to shy away from addressing the most important part of the talent attraction process, their Job Ads.

As people across the globe engage in discussions of racial justice following the death of George Floyd, surely workplaces should be seizing this moment to assess how to advance diversity, equity and inclusion at their organisations?

Doing the right thing is reason enough, but there’s more. A diverse workforce enables more creative thinking and brings ideas and experiences from different backgrounds to the table, leading to a competitive edge in the market.

Perhaps it’s a fear of change – which can mean uncertainty, anxiety, stress and, yes, more work – which stops businesses from making the change and making their Job Ads inclusive. However, staying put can be riskier than changing. Your company risks being left behind if you don’t continue to grow.

Once upon a time, Job Ads were advertised only in newspapers. Then, in 1983, the internet was born spawning job sites like Indeed, Monster and Reed – there are over 1,100 job boards in the UK alone –  as well as social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

Of course, it’s no good having your Job Ads on a plethora of sites if job hunters can’t find them – due to bad Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices – or are put off applying because the Job Ads are packed with hidden bias.

Make no mistake: SEO and avoiding conscious bias can often be a roadblock for many recruiters who aren't quite sure how it works – and why should they?

After all, recruiters, TA  folk and HR leaders aren’t copywriters, content editors, DE&I specialists and Job Ad optimisers. That’s our job and our automated technologies role.

Think of it this way: If you encounter computer problems at work, you call in the IT team. If you have no time to prepare and chase invoices or deal with your taxes, you hire an accountant.

So if you’re struggling to write unbiased and compelling Job Ads that are fully optimised in order to rank highly on job site search engines, you should be booking a demo with Get-Optimal.

Here at Get-Optimal HQ, we specialise in optimising effective, unbiased and inclusive Job Ads to ensure that not only are the right people finding the right adverts  – but that a diverse pool of candidates will be encouraged to apply for the role by the way the vacancy and the organisation are being marketed.

What’s stopping you from giving Get-Optimal a go? It can’t be budget as, according to Aptitude Research 2021,  companies are currently wasting 40 percent of their recruitment marketing spend already.

Working and collaborating with Get-Optimal is about taking control, not giving up control. Make the change, and make the change today.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Daniel Fellows