You can now benefit from seamless
integration, optimisation and automation
of your Job Adverts.

Get-Optimal + Bullhorn

Get-Optimal has seamlessly integrated with Bullhorn to deliver you a more diverse and qualified pool of candidates.
Integrating with the global leader in cloud-based platform software for the recruitment industry, you can now power your recruitment processes from start to finish with this powerful integration.

Your staff and teams no longer need to spend time writing Job Ads, allowing them to reinvest their time into revenue-generating activities. Get-Optimal takes care of inclusion for you!

Learn more about the Get-Optimal and Bullhorn integration to see how we can help you increase the quality and diversity of candidates into your talent pipelines.

Transform Your Business today with this game-changing Bullhorn and Get-Optimal integration.

Find out more and book your demo today.

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How can you generate more qualified leads today?

Get-Optimal product features

Quality content

We ensure your content speaks to all candidates and navigates all algorithms, search engines, and taxonomies. We remove all grammar, spelling and punctuation errors.

Protected characteristics

We reduce bias across all ‘protected characteristic’ groups including, age, disability, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation.

SEO optimisation

We optimise your job ads for SEO to help your business grow organically and improve your page rank authority and visibility. Post once, no more speculating. Don’t be penalised for having plagiarised content. Every Job Ad we optimise is unique.

Improved engagement

Speak to the right audience with empathetic language in the right tone of voice across all industries and white and blue-collar roles. Personalise your Job Ads with inclusive language in ALL of your Job Ads. Protect and ring fence your brand's reputation and EVP.


Automate the manual and outdated task of writing job Ads and remove the burden from your business. Improve the output of all team members and their happiness.

Virtual team members

It takes 15 minutes to be remotely onboarded. There is no onsite training required. We don’t require any IT or Security integration as Optimal is a SaaS platform hosted in the cloud.

Optimal will provide you with an exceptional online service that is simple, seamless and gives you back valuable time in your hectic day.

Your return on investment

  • An average application to job placement ratio increase of 24%.
  • A minimum 20% increase in the quality and diversity of candidates to place.
  • Save on average 7 hours per week per user from not writing Job Ads.
  • Get 100% of Job Ads live on your to increase direct traffic to your website.
  • Deliver on your DE&I targets and be an authentic employer.
  • Drive a 5% increase in people efficiency, productivity and increase business growth and commercial returns.

Our core technology optimises Job Ads for diversity, inclusion and SEO using Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning technology.

Whether you're a small or global enterprise business, Get-Optimal can add significant value to your company and create working and people efficiencies by automating this manual and outdated practice of speculating with your Job Ads and recruitment strategies.
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