May 20, 2022

The first-ever UK Black Business Entrepreneurs Conference will be held on Thursday, July 14, 2022, at the NatWest Conference Centre in London to galvanise a dialogue between different parts of the business community, policymakers, financial institutions, and the public, private and third sectors so as to foster open and meaningful conversations in a new and powerful way.

The maiden UK Black Entrepreneurs Conference follows on from The Black Entrepreneurs Report 2021 published by Dr. Carlton Brown, CEO of Aspire Consultancy, which sought to shed light on the challenges faced by Britain’s black business community.

Dr. Carlton Brown’s report was commended by The Black Business Association (BBA), and MSDUK, who have come on board as co-partners for the conference.

The July 14 event is designed to empower, engage and educate black entrepreneurs with the tools they need to achieve greater success.

Attendees will have the opportunity to gain insights from the latest research, network with other professionals, connect with successful entrepreneurs, a the public and private sectors and learn how best practices can be applied in their business.

Author of The Black Entrepreneurs Report 2021 and the brains behind the conference, Dr. Carlton Brown, told Optimal: “This year's UK Black Business Entrepreneurs Conference is taking a closer look at the state of black entrepreneurship to find solutions for greater success and enable Black businesses to ‘level -up.’ Expect great speakers, great stories, and great insights.”

Confirmed keynote speakers, alongside Dr. Carlton Brown, at the inaugural event alongside, include former President Obama appointee Eric Collins – aka the host of Channel 4 business show, The Money Maker, farming entrepreneur Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones, British African broadcaster Henry Bonsu, serial entrepreneur Dr. Clare Anyiam-Osigwe BEM and Lord Michael Hastings CBE.

Speaking to Optimal, Lord Michael Hastings CBE said: “The Black Entrepreneur Report (BER) is very timely, and it has shed much-needed light under the bushel of entrepreneurship within the UK.”

12 reasons to attend the UK Black Business Entrepreneurs Conference:

*An unrivalled experience of empowerment, education and engagement
*Listen and engage with industry thought leaders
*Connect with industry leaders and professionals
*Network with professionals and businesses across several industries
for knowledge-sharing and inspiration
*Receive a copy of the Black Entrepreneur Report
*Be inspired by the journeys of successful Black business entrepreneurs
*Gain practical knowledge and skills through in-depth, well-researched seminars and talks
*Connect and network with corporate companies and the public sector
*Develop your business network*Experience unparalleled networking opportunities with the public and private sector
*Join a positive, focused and engaged business community of like-minded people
*Be inspired by Black business in the UK

This conference is for you if:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

*You are looking to diversify your business and learn from Black Business Owners who have dealt with similar challenges
*You are a multinational business and would like to meet and engage with black entrepreneurs
*You are a policymaker who wishes to understand and implement change across the private and public sector
*You are looking to gain insights into the latest research, learn about best practices that can be applied in your business, and establish new relationships with other professionals
*You are after an opportunity to gain access to buyers and procurement departments


To find out more and register to attend, kindly click here.

Leading British African broadcaster, Henry Bonsu, has been confirmed as a key speaker