October 25, 2021


London, UK – Get-Optimal today announced that Torin Ellis – global DE&I strategist, author of RIP The Resume and co-host of the Crazy and The King podcast – has joined the UK- based global technology company and diversity and inclusion provider’s advisory board.

Born in Florida, raised in the Midwest and now based in Baltimore, Torin has been on the frontlines of corporate diversity for decades – helping companies find diverse talent, build successful DE&I strategies and create programmes to mentor and nurture diverse talent.

“Torin has been and is an unapologetic leader and trailblazer in business and media and in his DE&I efforts to create an empowering, inclusive and welcoming workplace culture for everyone,” said Daniel Fellows, CEO of Get-Optimal. “His presence, values and breadth of experience will help Get-Optimal continue to grow, to innovate, and to be a force for good in the lives of our teams, our customers and our communities. Torin will also hold me and the team accountable to ensure we continue on our path towards creating inclusive and equitable products and services and build on the inclusive culture we’re building with our team, advisers and partners”.

Of his decision to add another string to an already overcrowded bow by joining Get-Optimal’s board of advisors, Torin said: “Part of the motivation to work with Get-Optimal as an advisor was based on Dan Fellows desire to be and do better and his transparency.

“When we first connected and talked about inclusion and representation, I found his curiosity to be genuine and a good barometer of how his company's product road map might experience an adjustment and optimisation in development and its offering.”

Torin continued: “What’s more, Dan asked me to be a guest on a show [Inside your Brand] he hosts, and I shared my reservation about participating. He didn’t take a defensive posture or make any excuses. In short, he said, ‘I recognise your observations and have purposefully done better.’ That sealed the deal for me.”

If you caught episode one, season two of Inside your Brand with Torin Ellis, you’d know that the man has a magnetic personality, but his serious side comes out when talking about DE&I and what leaders can do to drive much-needed change.

“The fact of the matter is that for many, even today, the feelings of assault and fragility exist and present challenges in conversations around belonging, equity, inclusion and representation. As a result, activists are necessary to agitate, congratulate, optimise, and monitor this effort to both prevent and undo bias.”

Torin went on to stress that we should all see DE&I for what it is – an unparalleled competitive advantage. “The data and documentation make it abundantly clear that diverse teams are just better. It is akin to malpractice to decry the value of diversity and inclusion while still complaining that there is a shortage of talent, “ said Torrin

His message? It’s time to check your house, take a deeper look at diversity and inclusion in your organisation and do the work.

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