October 7, 2022

Welcome back! It’s blog four, and we are not slowing down in bringing you the minds behind Get-Optimal. The folks who make things tick. The advisors, our epic investors, and the greatest minds in DE&I. So let's recap. We’ve already had insights on The Great Return by Joe Slavin, How Optimal’s AI frees up time for the best bits of the job, by Gary Elden and Torin Elis asking, ‘Are you offering the DEIB journey employees want?’. So, you’ve got lots to catch up on. Get going!

This week we’re bringing you, Dave Rees. Dave is an advisor/investor here at Optimal with 20+ years of experience in recruitment. The stage is yours, Dave!

Get-Optimal’s solution Destroys Dyslexia

David Rees

I’ve worked globally for over twenty-two years in recruitment. Ended up as a chief revenue officer on an executive board, responsible for 1.5 billion a year across IT life sciences and engineering. I’m also profoundly dyslexic. For me, having Optimal’s solution on hand in the day-to-day would have been an essential, transformative skill. 

For people like me, writing is an arch-nemesis. Throughout the years mentioned above, I’d sit behind my desk, swerving written communication - pondering how quickly I could ask someone else to write a job ad, email, or summary of the latest meeting. My fear? The outside world might read it, exposing my inability to get the correct thoughts out of my head and down onto the page. It’s not that I can’t have ideas - those I am brimming with - but when those ideas came to be expressed on a blank page, all I felt was confusion. Jumping letters. Forgotten words. Frustrations, internally and externally, and a languishing fear that the outside world might laugh at my output.

It’s no secret that academia depends heavily on the ability to commit ideas to paper. When I was in school, I just had to struggle. Because of this, I only discovered my dyslexia via my daughter - her dyslexia diagnosis came later in life, a bit of a shock to us as she was coping very well at school. Female dyslexics are often overlooked and underdiagnosed, as they’re more likely to be masking their dyslexia - committing themselves to work twice as hard as their peers. Once we realised my daughter was struggling, the school suggested we sent her for a dyslexia evaluation - and the results were conclusive. These things, they told us, often run in the family. Ah. I had found the reason I avoided the written word!

It must be obvious, then, considering all the above, that backing the Get-Optimal solution was a no-brainer. This product solves a genuine problem: correct grammar, bullet points, and SEO keywords can now be optimised with AI, ensuring accuracy every time. The writing side of the recruitment industry doesn’t strike me as overly professional - people don’t think about their internal bias when they are writing vacancy ads, and I’ve been shocked at some of the things I’ve seen asked for in my time in recruitment. Ten years ago, it was very clumsy, with zero best practices. It’s time to develop a system!

What’s more, the Optimal solution just makes sense. If it works and is right, why NOT use a simple solution? This kind of technology could be harnessed across so many other industries. It’s the future!

About Get-Optimal

Work with us at Optimal, and your response rate for open positions will soar by a minimum of 24%. Let our AI choose the most readable parts of your job ads to display, and you’ll save precious time you would have spent combing through old or plagiarised job ads to ensure you’re conveying the correct image in the new world of attracting suitable and diverse candidates. No longer will applicants be put off by the vacancy or how it’s been advertised. Optimise once and post in multiple places - your new ad is in a downloadable, editable form to drop into whichever job board or multi-poster you like!

We are also integrated with Bullhorn and Salesforce. We ensure your ad is Diversity & Inclusion compliant, meaning you’ll be the top choice commercially and win business over other, less enlightened competitors.

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