August 8, 2022

“Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.” –
Wendy Piersall

Welcome back, readers. The most famous of the idioms rings true, all good things must end. So, we present the end of our six-week series, ‘Get the Optimal Effect’. So far, we’ve tackled Content, Automation, Engagement & Readability, D&I and Inclusivity and EVP: Employer brand proposition. This week, it’s SEO - Search Engine Optimisation. You could call SEO the most well-known cog in our Optimal-machine, and you’d be almost right. These days SEO skills are second to none regarding candidate attraction. How’s anyone going to apply if they can’t see your ad?

First, a bit about us: Get-Optimal was founded in 2019 by CEO Dan Fellows, who grew frustrated at the discussions around DE&I amounting to absolutely nothing. It was time, thought Dan, to get to work. To help businesses reduce bias in their job ads and promote diversity and inclusion, along with a world-class technology team, we trained a cutting-edge AI. A few algorithms later, Get-Optimal was born. We like to think the rest will be history.

Why do job ads need good SEO?

If you’re not familiar - SEO is a highly complex marketing strategy that involves (huge amounts in terms of structure, coherence, page speed, schema, etc) using keywords, that are scanned for by the major search engines, allowing them to index your content and rank its position in their returned search results. In job ads, it’s essential that you include as many different types of keywords as possible, as this will allow the diverse range of candidates needed to find, and apply for, your role. 94% of candidates start their Job search online with a google search, so including the correct keywords and a firm SEO strategy will widen the net in client attraction. It’s also important to consider the different terms that might apply to what you’re advertising for - a marketing manager might come under “digital marketing”, “marketing manager”, and “marketing executive” all at once. 

How does Get-Optimal address this?

Optimise your job ads with us, and our AI has been trained to include the highest level of SEO-rich content that will attract the widest net of candidates. This advertises your vacancy across the largest talent pool possible, gets it in front of as many potentials as possible, and attracts a truly diverse staff. We strive for quality over quantity. With job vacancies at a record high, your ads must reach potential applicants before your competitors so that they will click on your vacancy first, apply first, and place quicker. No more will time be spent brainstorming titles or keywords to include - our advanced AI associates and edits these phrases in, ensuring maximum time free getting to know your next superstar employee. Leave the hard work to Optimal, and you’ll get back precious hours that can be spent ensuring correct candidate placement, retention and all-around happy job ad interaction! Optimal has used millions of Job Ad data to train our AI - we remove the speculation.

How will working with Get-Optimal help me?

Work with us at Optimal, and your response rate for open positions will soar by a minimum of 24%. Letting our AI choose the most readable parts of your job ads to display will save you the precious time you would have spent combing through old or plagiarised job ads to ensure you’re conveying the correct image in the new world of attracting suitable and diverse candidates. No longer will your ideal applicant be put off applying due to what’s written in the vacancy or how it’s been structured. What’s more, simply Optimise once and post in multiple places - your new ad is provided in a downloadable, editable form to drop in to whichever job board or multi-poster you like! We are also integrated with Bullhorn and Salesforce. We know it works -  because using our formula, Get-Optimal had a 21% increase in female applications in Q1 2022. Numbers don’t lie, right? We ensure your ad is Diversity & Inclusion compliant, meaning you’ll be the top choice commercially and win business over other, less enlightened competitors.

Great! Get me started….

When you work with Optimal, you’re a partner, not a vender. Our inclusive approach means you’re always on our minds, and our team is always on hand to help you with any queries that might arise. What’s more, Get-Optimal takes just 15 minutes to set up and is now integrated with Salesforce and Bullhorn to allow ultimate usability, whether you’re a staffing agency or a direct employer.

Ready to join us? Why not book your demo today and get started with Get-Optimal.

Next week - the round-up, a downloadable PDF of the best bits